Here’s How Renovating Helps You Get Through a Breakup Easier

Start your redecoration project by getting rid of all past items, especially furniture, since it gives you a chance to get custom made furniture. Empty out your drawers put the old photographs in the trash.

Psychologists suggest that chaos and clutter can add to the stress, and de-cluttering is crucial for moving on successfully. Items in your old décor might bring back memories of arguments or other such events. Replace old shelves and vases with new ones.

Paint your walls afresh with brighter colours! Painting your walls might seem trivial, but colours have the ability to help you get rid of negative thoughts and feel more optimistic. Drive out old colours from your walls and repaint it in brighter colours.

If you want more understated colours, subtle grey and pale blue can reinstate peace and order in your life. Painting the rooms in fun colours you have always liked can help you assert yourself. Another option is to go for wallpapering.

Use lighting to light up life! Light can play a significant role in helping you embrace life afresh and move on from an unsuccessful marriage. If you haven’t paid much attention to having separate sources of ambient, task, and accent lighting, doing it after your break up is the best time.

This is particularly necessary to make up for natural light lost in homes without western exposure. Dimmers are a must because they help you change the brightness according to your mood.

Incorporate new furnishings and special items in your décor! Visit antique shows or flea markets and get special items for that new table you bought from your furniture rental company. You will have empty space for fresh wall décor.

Use that to put up new photographs of yourself and your friends or any new trips you might have gone on. If you had to discard any personal favourites like old mugs or family rugs earlier, it is time to bring them back.

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