Explore the Mesmerizing View of a 105-Year-Old Victorian Farmhouse

Bailey McCartny, an interior designer always liked to spend her summer at her grandparents’ ranch in Texas. She wanted her kids to have a similar experience, so she and her husband decided to buy this nice farmhouse.

Here is a kitchen. It was renovated by the former owners, so the family made only some cosmetic upgrades.

They decided to bring a few traditional country kitchen staples in this space. A dining room is decorated with rustic wood elements and pops of green. A family room is large enough to host a crowd. At the same time, it is a perfect place for family night.

Bailey created something very special for her daughter’s room. She chose a traditional country bed frame and decorated the room with an antique quilt. She said: “We want our house to be comfortable and inviting, without being fancy or fussy.”

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