Make Your Living Room Purple With These Impressive Ideas

Dusty purples are so rich and indulgent, they lend themselves to a really luxe look, with plush velvets, buttoned upholstery, heavy curtains, marble and touches of old gold.

Choose a flat, chalky matt finish for purple-tone paint or itll look dated, but bring the colour to life with lots of texture in the room. A burst of turquoise accents is fresh enough to cut through and cool down shades of purple and pink.

Dusty purple looks great with off-white furniture for classic style, but team it with shades of cool grey for a more modern scheme. Combine dusty purples plum, aubergine, fig with blush pink and grey for a harmonious palette that creates just the right mellow mood for a bedroom.

Blend a winter palette of claret and plum with earthy wood texture for cosy cottage style. Prevent the colour scheme going into overdrive by using softer mauve-greys, browns and greys for accessories and other elements in the room.

A weathered wood coffee table will balance the look. Bring the outside in with prints of autumnal nature to enhance the country-cottage style and snuggle down with plenty of warm throws and blankets.

If going for an all-out purple living room is too risky for you, consider keeping it to accessories and soft furnishings for a subtle touch. Neutral tones and plush soft furnishings give this stylish living room a homely feel.

The purple rug provides a grounding for the scheme that boosts the impact of the pale walls and sofas. While the chandelier and sumptuous curtain fabric are luxurious touches; the pinks of the odd-one-out cushion and lampshade are off-message tones that lift the scheme above the ordinary. At least this way, if you get bored, you can easily change the look in an instant.

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