These Tips Will Help You Choose the Right Windows for Your Home

Choose your materials – You’ll be shocked at how many different materials there are for constructing windows, from wood and aluminium through to uPVC and composites, but you need to choose the right one for you. Take the age of your house and your budget into account when selecting.

Research glass varieties – Single, double and triple glazing are all common glass options, but there are even more than that! How about the decorative elements as well, such as leading? Let’s not forget that you might want privacy glass in your bathroom too!

Think about energy efficiency – Never forget that your windows can either contribute to lower home heating costs or add to them! Triple glazing, for example, will allow for a fantastic and energy efficient seal, whereas traditional single glazing will simply let heat just flow out.

The choice you make might be dictated by the age of your home though, if you have listed building issues to contend with.

Choose a style! This is the fun part! Now you have an idea of the materials you like, what type of glazing will be best for you and if you have any historical building responsibilities to live up to, you can start choosing the actual style that you want.

Frameless, sash, casement, bay and bow windows are all beautiful in their own right, but which ones will look best in your home?

Install and enjoy! As much as you might think that installing windows is a job just for the professionals, it isn’t actually that difficult, but for the sake of excluding draughts and getting a perfect finish, you can leave it to the pros.

Whatever style of windows you choose, don’t forget to actually enjoy and appreciate them, once they are in place!

Dress them perfectly – As a lovely little finishing touch, have a think about how you are going to dress your windows. Curtains, blinds and shutters are all great choices, but always remember to draw them during the day, so your new windows can actually do their job and fill your home with light and warmth!

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