Discover How to Set Up the Perfect Home Bar

Choose the Proper Setting: You donít just stock a bar and call it a day. Instead, decide exactly what you want your bar to be. Is it going to be a backdrop or is it going to be the main event? If itís the latter, have fun with it. Stock your bar with various mixers and fun garnishes. This way, you make the bar the actual party.

Stock the Essentials: Your bar simply wonít be a bar without these six must-have liquors Ė vodka, scotch, gin, rum, tequila and a whiskey or bourbon. You can also have a lot of fun with flavored liquors, like coconut vodka (which tastes great with pineapple juice!). Get creative with it, but stocking up the essentials will allow you to make virtually any drink your guests might order.

Garnishes: Garnishes add a bit of fun to a cocktail. Fresh fruit is critical Ė have plenty of lemons, limes, cherries, and orange slices on hand. Other fun garnishes include jelly beans, dried fruits, and even marshmallows.

The Proper Glassware: Have various sizes of glassware, such as short glasses, tall glasses, and stemware. You can serve an entire party of guests in 6-8 glasses of each size.

Bar Tools: You canít make a proper drink without the proper tools! Your standby bar tools should include a glass mixing cup, a metal mixing cup, a Hoffman strainer and a jigger.

Stay Away From Shots! Forget serving up shots, which will end up making your guests way too intoxicated far too quickly. The idea of a home bar isnít to get everyone wasted in as little as time as possible. Itís to relax and have fun.

So instead of straight shots of alcohol, go for juices and mixers, which will make your drinks fun and entertaining.

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