10 Crucial Tips to Choose the Right Plant for Every Room

Living Room

Make a statement in a space that gets a lot of foot traffic. The living room is your respite from the outside, as well as a cozy spot to spend quality time with with friends and family.

Show off your elegant side with a bird of paradise or rubber tree plant. Also, you can show off your colorful and fun side with philodendrons, begonias, or cacti and succulents.

Choose plants based on what kind of sun exposure your living room gets. For general reference, there are four kinds of exposure: bright, direct light (full sun); bright, indirect light (partial shade); medium, indirect light; and low, indirect light.

  • Bird of Paradise: bright light to full sun; water weekly, increasing watering intervals with increased light
  • Rubber tree: low light to full sun; water weekly, increasing intervals with increased light
  • Philodendron: bright to low, indirect light; water weekly
  • Begonia: low light to full sun
  • Cacti or succulents: bright light; water monthly, or whenever it starts to shrivel
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