13 Priceless Tips to Turn Small Gardens Into Paradise

Keep it clear

Keep an outdoor structure uncovered to increase the sense of space. Instead of draping a pergola in climbing roses and vines or closing it in with walls, keep it open so the space feels bigger while the yard views remain intact.

Add soothing sound

Don’t have the space or budget to include a pond in your backyard? Add the pleasure of sound and motion to your outdoor room with a tabletop fountain.

Money-saving tip: Outdoor sound systems are also a great way to bring a soothing sound into your outdoor room, but consider a portable music player that won’t cost any money to install.

Build in stages

If you just don’t have the time or money to complete your perfect outdoor room this season, don’t sweat it out. Complete your outdoor room in stages, focusing on building the deck or patio in one season and outfitting the space in another. Be inventive with room furnishings and splurge only where you can.

Keep it simple

Whoever first said “less is more” may very well have been brainstorming small backyard ideas. When there is only a small amount of space available, it becomes very easy for the eye to get overwhelmed and your yard to appear cluttered.

Streamline your design by keeping decor items on the minimal side. Additionally, make sure that your lawn stays well-maintained with regular cuttings and proper plant care. If you have little ones who are prone to leaving out toys and sporting equipment, do your best to encourage cleaning up as a priority.

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