Easy Ways to Prepare Your House for Sale

Have you de-cluttered your space? Space is key and if prospective buyers canít see the space they wonít appreciate what this house can offer them. By presenting an organised, uncluttered home youíre encouraging the viewer to imagine themselves in this house and realize how much they could be getting for their money.

Does each room have a purpose? Are you showcasing every room to the best of its abilities? You may be using the 3rd bedroom for sewing or storage, but this isnít going to sell your house. Make sure each room has a clear purpose and if itís being marketed as a bedroom it should include a bed.


Have you fixed any necessary minor repairs? Itís all in the presentation and you should be proud to present your house to prospective buyers. You may be reluctant to spend money when you know youíre leaving, but minor repairs that improve the appeal of the property will increase your chances of a quick sale. The quicker you sell, the quicker you can move in to your dream home.

Does each room smell fresh? Smell is so important it needs its own spot on the list. Much like with cleanliness, prospective buyers will immediately take a disliking to your house if theyíre faced with an unpleasant smell.


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