Amazing Items for a Cool Backyard Barbecue

Natural Gas Grill

It goes without saying that a backyard barbecue’s main event is sizzling meat, fish and vegetables on the grill. If what you’ve got just isn’t cutting it anymore, this Broil King Baron S4400 grill is sure to take your grill game to the next level.

BBQ Grill Tool Set with Apron Storage

Put down your old spatula and liven up your grill with top-notch tools. This kit comes with a spatula, fork, tongs, knife, basting brush, glove and salt and pepper shaker.

But surely the best addition is the apron that will make you look oh so professional. It contains utensil pockets are super handy when you’re cooking. This set also makes a perfect host/hostess gift!

Solid Wood Cornhole Set

Sure, you can buy a lightweight portable version, but if you want a summer staple that’s solid, choose a cornhole set that’s made of high-quality wood. This full regulation-size option is a step above the rest, featuring heavy and professional bags.

Heavy-Duty String Lights

If you want to host the ultimate backyard barbecue, then you’ll surely plan for guests to stay past sunset. In that case, hang up some heavy-duty string lights for a festive look that will keep the party going.

Giant Jenga

Once everyone is full to the brim, they might start to lose some energy. Keep things going strong by offering up a giant version of the classic game of Jenga. It’s an interactive backyard experience that will get the laughs going.

Outdoor Cooler Table

This small but mighty product is a cooler and cocktail table all in one. You’ll have a place to set your drink down and gather with an intimate group, all while ensuring drinks remain ice-cold for hours, and within arm’s reach!

Bar and Napkin Utensil Caddy

Cute and organized go hand-in-hand at a backyard barbecue. Either make a prep station or put this fun caddy right in the center of the picnic table for people to grab their drink accessories, napkins, condiments, straws, swizzle sticks, stirrers and more.

Folding Picnic Table

If you want something convenient and compact that you can store away as easily as you can take it out, check out this folding picnic table. Along with offering a stylish wood-grain look, each bench supports up to 800 pounds, while the table top can handle 100 pounds.

Hammock Net Chair Swing

Give your backyard party some style with this hammock net chair swing. It’s the perfect accent piece that guests can lounge in. Hang it between two trees or a shady spot on the porch.

Write-On Party Cups

If you’re avoiding glass in the backyard, red solo cups might be your best bet. These write-on options give them a little character while ensuring guests don’t mix up which drink is theirs! You can simply use your fingernail to etch your name (or even a unique design) onto the label.


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