Unexpected Things You Shouldn’t Store in the Bathroom


All these years you thought your meds were best stored in the medicine cabinet (duh). But truthfully, the varying temperature and moisture from hot showers could interfere with the stability of your scripts, rendering them less effective and even causing them to expire faster, according to Medline Plus.

And that includes everything from over-the-counter ibuprofen to birth control. You’re better off keeping medication in a cool, dry place like a nightstand drawer or kitchen cabinet.

Makeup and Makeup Brushes

Again, the heat and humidity in the bathroom can also degrade these products, decreasing the life span of your cosmetics. Plus, makeup brushes and BeautyBlenders are already a hotbed for germs, bacteria and even mold. To prevent any of that from forming, make sure you’re washing brushes regularly in warm, soapy water, and keeping them in the bedroom from the start.


From first spray, your favorite eau de toilette starts to gradually degenerate (blame it on oxidation). Exposure to heat and humidity speeds up the process by destroying the molecular integrity and causing your scent to spoil more quickly. Add this to the list of things you’ll be moving to the bedroom

Razor Blades

Long periods of humidity and dampness can dull a razor blade and eventually cause the metal to oxidize and rust. Store extra razors in a bedroom drawer (airtight, unopened packages are OK in the bathroom), and wipe off (or blow-dry) your in-use razor after showering to prolong its life.


High humidity can damage things like radios, iPods and even phone chargers. Unless the appliance is specifically made for bathroom use (say, your electric toothbrush), keep it out of there.

Nail Polish

Ever open a nail polish bottle to find that your fave shade has become thick an goopy? If you store your lacquers in the bathroom, steam could be the culprit. Heat can also alter the color, so keep any of your signature shades in the fridge for protection.


Aside from SPF having expiration dates, they can also lose their efficacy quicker when stored in warm places. Take it out of the bathroom as heat and steam can make the formula separate and even cause mold to form.


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