Check Out These Incredible Hacks to Gain Storage Space

Tennis Ball Shoe Storage

Turn any wardrobe into a multipurpose storage space with these clever DIY shoe hangers. The tennis balls are perfect because their round shape and fuzzy coating protects the shoe material and doesn’t warp the shape.

Bag Up Your Bags

The queen of tidying up Marie Kondo says that it’s easier to keep things ordered in your home if you store similar things together.

She suggests putting smaller bags in one bigger case so you always know where to find them when you’re dressing up for an occasion. We suggest going for a cute vintage suitcase for an added shot of style.

Mason Jar Bathroom Product Storage

Awkwardly-shaped packets of cotton wool balls, pads and other loose items can take over the bathroom if you’re not careful.

Instead, get super-organized with the storage-solver’s item of choice, the humble mason jar, like this clever idea from My Creative Days. Wind wire around the neck of the jar and hang them from the walls to make a display of your washroom essentials.

LEGO Keyring and Cable Tidy

Never lose your keys again by using a brick keyring and LEGO docking station. Our favorite children’s toy has all sorts of uses, and who knew a LEGO man could be so helpful in tidying cables?

Style Your Wall Storage with Bed Slats

This genius idea from Ich Designer allows you to instantly create a wooden storage wall without hours of DIY. Hang bed slats from two coat hooks drilled into the wall and then use S-hooks on the wooden bars to attach pen pots, plants and baskets for trinkets.

Secret Storage for Bedding

Spare bedsheets, pillowcases duvet covers take up a ton of space when they’re all folded up. But if you don’t have the luxury of an airing cupboard, there’s a clever way to keep them out of the way until you need them.

Fold them so they’re almost flat, and then layer them under your mattress. We promise, however light you sleep, you won’t feel a pea.

Hanging Bathroom Toy Storage

Don’t let the kids’ wet play toys take over the whole bathroom. Instead, get yourself a hanging vegetable storage unit and use the baskets to keep toys tidy like this example from Shelterness.

You can also keep your own items (face masks, sponges etc.) in the top basket to keep them neat and out of the way. Get a basket made from coated metal so it doesn’t deteriorate in the damp environment.

Store Unpackaged Batteries in a Tackle Box

Rarely do you use an entire pack of batteries in one go. But what to do with the loose ones? Instead of letting them roll around a drawer, a fishing tackle box is the perfect storage solution, as this example from Today’s Mama shows.

You can even separate your AAs from your AAAs, and store those awkward types that only need changing once every five years, so you’re ready for the next time.

Use Your Headboard As a Bookcase

There’s always room for books, as this idea confirms. You can use a custom-made headboard with spaces ready made, or just upcycle a pallet for a DIY option.


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