This Is the Best Way to Remove Clothing Stains

Admission: I am one of those people who cannot wear light colors without spilling something on myself. Parties, barbecues, happy hours with girlfriends – it never fails. And depending on the severity of the stain, I’ve had to retire several pieces of clothing way before their time (RIP, white linen pants).

But a couple years ago, my soon to be mother-in-law taught me a brilliant hack: Dawn dish soap doubles as a clothing stain secret weapon. It has lifted all sorts of stains, from wine to grease to just about every type of sauce. I’ve used it on fabrics that can’t go in the washing machine, and even after a wash (and dry) doesn’t work.

And don’t be worried about its deep blue color – the stain-fighting soap doesn’t tint your clothing and can be used on whites and light colors. So bring on the spaghetti and red wine in a white sundress, and follow this step-by-step plan for attacking even the worst of stains.


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