10 Unbelievable Things Your Electrician Should Tell You

Low Voltage Doesnít Mean No Danger

Weíre not going to try to tell you that a low-voltage system is as dangerous as working on your electrical breaker box. But electricians want you to know that you should still take basic precautions. Treat low-voltage wiring as though it were standard, and you will pick up best practices that will pay off when working in higher voltage situations.

Also, your electrician would be quick to remind you that itís not the voltage that is harmful, but the current. Sometimes even low-voltage wiring can draw a higher than safe current.

A more common hazard when working with low-voltage wiring involves receiving a mild shock that surprises the installer and causes them to fall from a ladder or step stool. And, last but not least, keep in mind the importance of securing connections!

A spark from a poorly secured low-voltage connection will ignite combustible materials just as easily as that from a 110v junction. Avoiding this hazard can be as simple as doing the job right, and not doing something as foolish as storing your oily rags next to a low-voltage device.

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