10 Unbelievable Things Your Electrician Should Tell You

Protective Gear is only Protective if itís Properly Made

Many people know that rubber is a great insulator, and so sometimes DIYers wrap themselves in rubber boots and gloves before tackling electrical issues that make them nervous.

The problem is that most household robber isnít pure. In order to keep the price down, manufacturers mix in additives that lower the cost and increase durability. If youíre relying on rubber to keep you safe from an electrical charge, make sure youíre using actual safety gear.

Have you ever seen a TV show of film where an electrical line falls on a car, but the passengers are safe? Thatís actually accurate, but not because the tires are insulating the vehicle. Itís because the tires are such good conductors that the electricity takes the path of least resistance, traveling to the ground through the tires and bypassing the interior completely.

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