That’s How You Could Decorate A Space You Share With Roommates

Create a Private Retreat

The key to sharing a space is getting out of that space sometimes. Depending on where you live (and the weather), spending most of your free time at cafes, coffee shops, and parks may not always be possible, so you need to find a place in your home where you can find some peace and quiet.

Common’s homes offer residents private bedrooms of various sizes, something Wilkinson prioritizes. “When you remain with other people, there’s that community, there’s that social aspect, but you want to be able to have a private retreat as well,” she says.

Fill your private space with items that make you happy and calm (or fill it with nothing, if you’re a minimalist). Whenever you need a moment alone, stepping inside will instantly soothe any frayed nerves (and maybe even diffuse a brewing argument). If you share a bedroom, as in a dorm situation, do what you can to make your bed or desk area absolutely yours.

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