These Are the Best Plants for Your Autumn Garden


The harsher autumn weather forces the crocus up through the ground, making these the perfect hardy plant for the colder weather. Their iconic, cup-shaped flowers look great in pots and borders, but plant them beneath trees and shrubs where they will be protected from heavy rains.


The hardy heather can often be found on moors as it’s a versatile plant able to handle inclement weather. The heather’s vibrant pink, white and purple petals mean it’s a brilliant plant for low-growing textures and it looks great in pots too.


Though dahlias begin to bloom during the hot summer months, these flowers are at their best from August to September, bridging the gap when other perennials begin to tire. Best suited to borders, they come in a range of colors and sizes and work with almost any color scheme.

Winter Aconite

Similar in appearance to the buttercup, the winter aconite has a lovely yellow flower and is best suited to growing underneath deciduous trees and shrubs. The winter aconite prefers rich, moist soil in shady parts of the garden.


The well-loved hero of the plant world, the cyclamen can be brought to flower from autumn through to spring. Its flowers come in red, pink and white shades and look fantastic in pots or planted under trees.

Cyclamen hederifolium is the usual choice for autumn flowers as it remains relatively unscathed through the winter weather.


A gardening staple all year round, some varieties of the pansy stop blooming when the weather gets really cold. In that case, opt for special winter-flowering pansies that keep going until late spring for a flash of color in the garden.

Aster ‘Little Carlow’

The small lavender blue flowers stand out in late summer and autumn and really come alive in the evening light. The aster likes a lot of sun and good, well-drained soil so plant away from shady areas.


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