How to Decorate the Empty Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

There are many beautiful kitchen cabinet designs, but some of them can not be put in the ceiling. So, if you wonder how to fill the space between furniture and ceiling now you can do this with a few simple tricks.

All you need is creativity and the motivation to change something in your home. Of course, you can make some modifications that could change completely the style of your home, but if donít feel ready to make a real start over, you can begin with small steps.

From an awe-inspiring look made with a basket, or some art items, to an amazing style made from handmade things, you have a long list to choose the one that fit perfectly to your tastes.

The best part? You donít need a lot of money to start a new project which aims to improve your home, but only creativity and the things that you love from a vacation, or your grandmaís gifts.

Now, if you are ready to find out how to beautifully fill the space above your kitchen cabinet, here are some design ideas waiting for you!

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