Halloween Decorations You Could Have All Season

Everyone has been there; you put up decorations for Halloween only to take them down a few days later, then you put up Thanksgiving decorations, then those come down to be replaced with Christmas decorations. Who has the time for that?

You want to be festive, but the seven tubs of decorations you house in your closet dedicated to the holiday season are too much (and let’s be real taking up much-needed closet space.) But is it possible to put up decor that is appropriate for all those very diverse holidays?

Decor you can leave up until after Christmas? Yup! And if you only have to decorate your house once, that leaves so much more time for the fun things about the holiday season, from pumpkin picking to snowman building.

Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered up some Halloween decorations you can put up and keep up until the New Year. Because decorating for each individual holiday is overrated.

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