All You Need to Know about Decorating Rules

Rules are made to be broken—your inner teenager already knows this. But it applies to being an adult, too: Breaking a rule or two is the first step to setting yourself free from convention so that you end up with a home you actually like.

A home that’s unique, that feels like you. “Ignore ALL THE RULES!” says HGTV decorating star Leanne Ford. “Do what you want—it’s your place! Get wild!” You don’t have to be a decorator to know what the decorating rules are, either; oftentimes they’re so ingrained that we don’t even realize we’re toeing the line.

Take bed frames and box springs, for example. You don’t need them! A mattress can go right on the floor and look very chic while it’s at it. Maybe DIY a headboard to go behind it or, you know what, don’t.

Headboards don’t really do anything; they are not requirements. Ceilings don’t have to be white, kitchens don’t have to have upper cabinets.

Somebody’s been lying to you, and we’re here to rectify it. Here are some decorating “rules” that are actually absolute bunk. Get out there and ruffle some feathers.

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