All You Need to Know About Bohemian Style

There are many people who like the bohemian style. This is an interesting concept and it is often associated with the hippies. When you go intro a home store you will find a lot of decorations for this type of style because everyone thinks it is easy to execute.

Bohemian design is inspired by artists, those who like to write, to travel, to sing, those who feel free to live their life.

“What we now understand as ‘bohemianism’ from a design perspective emerged from early nineteenth century France, when artists moved into the lower-rent Romani (gypsy) areas of Paris, in order to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations. This convergence of cultures gave rise to a kind of vagabond lifestyle, where the pursuit of wealth was abandoned in the search for a creative life and alternative ideals of beauty,” says designer Justina Blakeney.

In other words, bohemian design is about mixing different styles, or different things that look natural and free. When you are proud of your results it means you did it great.

Read on to find out more about bohemian style and try to let yourself be inspired by these things!

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