5 Amazing Tips to Create a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

To be honest, décor styles can be quite confusing – Art Deco, Minimal, Modern, can seem to be vague and many times all of these can be found in one space, co-existing quite harmoniously together. We decode one of our favourites for the living room for you – mid-century modern.

Mid-century modern style has been around for quite sometime – from mid 1930s to around mid 1960s – but gained prominence after World War II. The term “mid-century modern” makes its debut in American author Cara Greenberg’s 1984 book, Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s.

The mid-century era saw several design greats come into their own, giving the world evergreen designs. One common feature to this was the ever-adaptable nature of the furniture. Tables could be used for anything from dining and studying to centre pieces in the living room and chairs too could adapt from the lounge to the library.

It can be difficult to make out one décor style from the other, unless you put them in stark contrast and often the devil lies in the details. Many home owners and designers even choose to marry two styles in a single space. So how do you spot a mid-century modern style? It has its own hallmarks and distinctions. Read on to find out more!

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