20 Celebrity Designer Secrets to Create Your Dream Home

Sure, in the beginning, redecorating a space can seem like a fun endeavor. But without a helping hand (or two), you could quickly find yourself knee-deep in expensive renovations and clean out of clever storage ideas. And that’s when it comes time to call in the cavalry. Enter: the interior designer.

Of course, when it comes to designers—particularly big-name, marquee, celebrity ones—their services certainly aren’t free. Their advice, however, is.

And if you’re looking to totally transform your home, good advice is as good a place as any to start. So, for those who have champagne decor tastes but perhaps not a champagne budget, read on: we’ve rounded up all the best decorating advice from the greatest designers in the field. Implement this sage wisdom, and you’ll have a magazine-cover-worthy home in no time.

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