This Type of Tile Completely Transforms the Design of Your Home

You know what tiles are, right? We would have said yes, until we found out about DTILE. Made in the Netherlands, DTILE is a tile system that combines the satisfying simplicity of square tiles with a crazy amount of functionality and a super futuristic look. These are tiles on overdrive.

“We were always fascinated by the archetypal Dutch 15×15-cm white tile, the most ordinary and unpretentious tile there is,” says Hajo de Boer, one of the brand’s founders.

Beyond the tiles themselves, they loved the perfect grid created by contrasting grout, but not so much the wall hooks, toilet paper holders, and even air vents that are inevitably installed on top, requiring tiles to be cut and drilled to fit.

“So we tried to invent a system that would allow for an uninterrupted grid, that enabled us to cover any surface with a blanket of tiles,” says Hajo. Ideal, really!

The system they came up with to rectify wrongs against tile grids is built on two “pillars,” as Hajo calls them: function tiles, which have hooks and drains and magnets and even vents built right into their surface, and construction tiles, which are curved.


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