This Type of Tile Completely Transforms the Design of Your Home 

The edge of a counter, the corner of a bathroom wall—these surfaces can be wrapped allover in DTILE, softening hard right angles and making the entire surface look custom configured.

Hajo reports that most of their customers seem to apply the tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, but apparently DTILE fireplaces are a big thing as well.

“We think that the tiles feel at home in many different environments and adjust well to different styles, so we like to be surprised by unusual applications,” Hajo says.

The only real no-no’s are installing the tiles wrong, like directly on wood, which will cause them to crack later. But other than that they’re pretty damn hardy.

Because DTILEs are baked at a higher temperature than ordinary tiles, they can be used not just on counters and walls and floors, but outdoors.

When you’re ready to commit to DTILES, the company will help draft you a design based on the dimensions of your space before you actually order.

Basically, you just want to get the dimensions exactly right so the tiles fit perfectly—cutting them would be an extremely sad interruption of the grid that would not make Hajo very happy.

Installation, which they consider very straightforward for interior designers or “competent do-it-yourselfers,” involves something called reinforced foam that’ll go between the surface and the tile layer.


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