How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

In this period, almost everyone wants to decorate their home especially in red and green, because thatís the main color that describes the Christmas time. Letís do an exercise of imagination: what colors come in your mind when you think of Christmas decorations? If the answer is red and green you have to make some changes in choosing the right decorations this year.

Of course it isnít a bad thing to continue to opt for red and green decorations, but if you want to try something different this winter, here are some do-it-yourself projects that will help you transform your beautiful place.

Home designers recommend you to choose some neutral decorations mixed with a lighter color. It will put a highlight on that area and it will induce the idea of minimalist style in your house.

However, you have to keep in mind the following tips: whatever you will choose to do regarding decorations, donít forget to listen to your instinct and just try to keep your personal style in this process. You could adapt the designersí advice to your own tastes, and you donít have to fully do what they say, but to mold the current trend depending on your tastes. The result will be amazing and you will not regret it.

Read on to find out our favorite winter decorating ideas!†

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