Find Out Why You Donít See Many Tudor-Style Homes Today

Tudor-style home originated in the U.S. in the mid-19th century and it was very popular until World War II. You donít have to be an expert to recognize this architectural concept.

A Tudor home will always remain unique due to its size and its romantic look. This charming architectural Tudor style delighted many Americans over the last century and a half.

This style movement is technically a revival of “English domestic architecture, specifically Medieval and post-Medieval styles from 1600-1700,” says Peter Pennoyer, FAIA, of Peter Pennoyer Architects.

At that time, the houses had to be built to resist unfavorable weather conditions, such as lots of rain, or cold and snowy winters, so thatís why they were best suited for northern half of the U.S., but they are also common in other areas of the country too.

Nevertheless, not everyone could afford it, because in that period this architectural design was for those who had a high social rank. Read on to discover more!


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