Fascinating Ideas to Decorate Your Entryway

The first impression is most often the last impression, and dont we all want to wow our guests the minute they step inside the home? So pay attention to how you decorate your entryway. Says Shivani Ajmera, It should reflect your personal as well as home style and seamlessly transition into your space.

So, the first thing a guest sees is the entrance, so you have to give a special importance to its decoration. There are few essentials for this place accent mirror, console or shelf, statement lights, rug or runner and a shoe rack which doubles up as a seat. Explore several styles while designing your entryway from modern and bold patterns to eclectic and traditional.

Make it look amazing and try to be creative, because this is what matters the most. The ideal entryway would have bold patterned flooring with subtle textured wallpaper on one wall. The opposite wall can have a mirror and a stunning console with flowers and candles. A jewel-toned bench with pieces of art and statement lights finish the look. Read on to find out more about decorating your entryway!

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