How to Decorate with Pastel Colors in Living Room

We’ll admit it right off the bat – we spend a great amount of time curating the perfect living room look on our Pinterest board. And our hearts almost always veer towards those gelato ice cream-like delicate pinks, baby blues and tender greens.

The best part? Pastels work year-round – they’re perfect for cool interiors in the summer; mellow interiors in the monsoon and the cheerful shades help beat the winter pallor.

Bring in cushion covers, rugs and throws in pastel colours to pile on your sofas, seaters and floors. These can be solids or patterned. As pastels are light you don’t have to worry about mixing too many – play with as many as you want. Curtains are another canvas for bringing in pastels. Achieve the ultimate dreamy look with sheer curtains in icy mint or frosted blue.

So, we decoded how you can work pastels into your home, read on to know more!

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