Incredible Tips for Updating Your Bedside Table

Your bedroom is the truest reflection of your personal style. †More than this, the bedroom has to give you a good feeling because you spend the most time here. Also, itís the most private space in the house and tailor made to suit your needs. So, try to be creative and make it look like a real paradise.

Our ideal bedroom has a king-sized bed, a wardrobe that holds all our things, dreamy lights and a bedside table to keep all the important things at hand Ė alarm clock, lamp, a book or two and maybe a small plant. If you have a small side table, keep it as simple as possible. Just keep the essentials such as books and fresh flowers or an alarm clock.

There are several ways in which these can be styled on the tiny, night stand that is your bedside table. Read on to find out more!

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