25 Amazing Storage Hacks You Have to See

Whether you live in a mansion or a smaller space, unless you get your things organized your living space will always feel cluttered and untidy.

From recycling bottles for stationery storage, to hiding treasures with a hinge, these hacks are simply amazing. For example, French teacher and blogger Isabelle came up with a great recycling idea for storing lots of coloring pens and pencils together. Cut one side of a plastic drinks bottle out and stick colored tape around the edge to indicate which pens belong in that bottle and to tame any sharp edges. The bottles can then lie flat in a drawer rather than taking up desk space in a traditional tidy.

Also, simply adding a hinge to one side of the mirror creates an almost completely flat storage cupboard that’s perfect for jewelry and accessories.

We’ve rounded up the most inspired storage hacks to help you get your home in great shape. Marvel at the sheer brilliance and simplicity of these ideas…

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