Amazing Cleaning Calendar That Will Make Your Home Shine This Year

While many of us are eagerly adding events to the diary for the year ahead to beat the January blues, you might also want to consider adding a cleaning schedule while you’re at it.

Thanks to social media cleaning influencers such as UK-based Mrs Hinch, sales of products are set to sore this year - making 2019 the year of the clean.

And was well as the satisfaction of having a tidy home research has found that there are mental health benefits too.

Cleaning and laundry expert Dr. Beckmann found that nine out of 10 Brits agree having an untidy or dirty home has a bearing on their mood, while a quarter say having an unkempt home is detrimental to their productivity.

‘The state of our environments and the way we keep and care for them is reflective of our state of mind and vice versa,’ agreed psychologist Rachel Morris.

So if you want to make the most of those mental and practical benefits, scroll down for a 12 month cleaning calendar, which reveals the best month to tackle particular tasks.

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