Things You Should Know Before Designing a Modern Kitchen

Before designing a modern kitchen you should take into consideration some things, from light to color. Lighting is an ally for adding warmth to a kitchen.

In a room with a modern design, a mix of ambient lighting and spotlights work well, as the ambient lighting recreates the sense of daylight, whereas spotlights focus on the worktops to provide functional lighting when working. Another idea is to install lights within the kitchen cabinets to highlight accessories that bring color or style to the area.

When the modern design is followed in the home interiors, the kitchen should carry through the same style and colors. Shades such as grey and beige are popular choices for the modular kitchen, but that doesnít mean that it should look plain and dull. An interesting contrast can be created by using different shades of the same color.

Aluminium and glass doors on some of the cabinets and contrasting white appliances enhance the sense of lightness, while subtle splashes of orange in the utensils create a delightful contrast that transforms the room from ordinary to eye-catching.

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