All You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning

Tips for tackling big indoors projects

During winter we spend more time in our homes, and when the snow flies, or freezes into a sheet of black ice on the highway, youíll want your space clean and tidy to stave off cabin fever.

That said, donít declare this the weekend you finally scour the stains out of all the tiles in your kitchen. Break a big task into more digestible chunks and tackle those grout stains a row or two at a time. A steady stream of achievable goals are a huge motivation boost and will give you room to fit other things into your day.

Give yourself a flexible deadline and bend the scope of the task to accommodate. Instead of having that shelf in order and the books to be donated out the door by the first day of spring, set a steady, regular pace that you can pick up and put down as you need. Even if the big stuff isnít complete by the time the robins come back, itís still much closer to being done than it was before.

Finally, consider tackling multiple projects on a rotating basis. While thereís substantial disagreement over just how long we can focus on a specific task, switching things up keeps us more productive for longer. For work thatís repetitive or doesnít need your full attention, multitasking and doing it in ďsmall bitesĒ can also help.

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