All You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning

Lay the groundwork for other spring tasks

If you’re planning a particular spring blowout, such as a garage sale, start the prep now. Organizing and pricing items in January and February means that once the driveway is clear, you can simply roll out the stuff, post the flyer to Facebook, and start moving stuff out for good.

Garage sales can be exhausting simply because people wait until just before to price, organize, and arrange. Spending an hour or two over the winter squaring away these tasks will make it much easier.

In other cases, you’ll want to start now anyway. Dusting, for example, isn’t just a way to make your home presentable, it helps anybody with a dust mite allergy who drops by.

For other tasks, take the winter to do some research. If you’re planning on starting a sustainable garden, now’s the time to plan out which local plants you want and which tools you need. If you’re going to rip out your water heater or make your house more energy efficient, start researching technologies and approaches that best fit your budget and needs.

Painting? Look at swatches and pricing. Think of it this way; once the boring part’s done, you can get to the project that much faster, and then enjoy the sunshine that much more.

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