Simple Decor Tricks That Will Make Your Home So Festive

We tend to associate festiveness with Christmas, but who doesn’t want to fill their home with cheer all year round? There are ways to make your humble abode warm and inviting without investing a huge amount of time or money. From color upgrades to touches of texture, it’s easy and affordable to keep your home festive, no matter the season.

For example, to make your home truly welcoming, bring some of the outdoors in, says Ron Radu, founder of Léon & George, a houseplant décor startup.  “It’s actually proven that plants make people feel more at ease and help reduce stress,” Radu says.

“Bringing greenery indoors fosters similar feelings of well-being as a walk in the woods.” Also, amateur gardeners should start off with succulents since they’re relatively easy to care for and still provide the same ambiance.

So, to ensure that you’re keeping it cozy, check out these simple décor tricks that’ll give your home an instant upgrade.

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