Things You Should Never Clean with Baking Soda

There are few things baking soda canít do. Itís a great multipurpose cleaner and you can use it when you cook, to heal ailments, around the house, and even to make crafts for your kids.

But there are some instances where baking soda causes more harm than good. While it can help you with most of your chores around the house, make sure avoid using it when cleaning these products.†It would be hard to believe that it also has negative parts when we use it, but we have some tips for you that should not be ignored!

Even though there are many benefits when we talk about this product, we should take into consideration even the bad side of baking soda. Not just because it would ruin our stuff, or the furniture, but because it could also affect our health.

Check out these brilliant ways to fix things with baking soda.

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