Carpet Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know

In living areas that see a lot of foot traffic, over time even the highest quality carpet will get stained and worn out. For example, to keep carpet in high-traffic area looking its best, dilute vinegar in a spray bottle with equal parts water and spray on the carpet. Allow the mist to fully absorb, then use a stiff spoon and run it sideways along the carpet to loosen up fibers.

Using a paper towel or rag to scoop up solids can also force the stain deeper into the carpet. Your best bet is to use a putty knife and dustpan to scrape up solids. You’ll want to sink the edge of the putty knife into the carpet at the edge of the mess, then push it forward to scrape the solid waste up and into the dustpan.

If we convinced you with these examples, then read on to learn more!

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