Here’s What Disney Movies Taught Us About Interior Design

Like most kids, my days were dedicated to playing outside and embracing nature. Just kidding. I spent my childhood rewatching Disney movies over and over again until the VHS tape unravelled.

True story. On the bright side, all of those hours I spent with my face glued to a screen have been put to good use. Now that I’m a sort-of-adult tasked with decorating my own apartment, I’ve been on the look out for inspiration, and I found it in the craziest place: those Disney movies.

Whether it’s how to give your floors some pizzazz—thank you Lady and the Tramp—or how to achieve a whimsical vibe courtesy of Alice in Wonderland, I’ve had the recent realization that the iconic Disney films hold all the secrets. So sit back, relax, and join me for a ride down memory lane as I point out a few of Disney’s best interior design moments!

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