Parent & Child DIY Projects for the Backyard

Encourage your kids to look after wildlife by building a modern birdhouse. A contemporary, minimalist house can be made in a couple of hours. And don’t be put off by the tricky-looking angles.

Also, kids love to grow plants, so why not build a beautiful cedar and copper trellis to support growing climbers? The cedar is rot-resistant, and the copper wire scrollwork will weather to make the trellis even more attractive.

The structure works well in a flower border, but can also be used in a container to grow clematis, vines or climbing roses or have the kids plant sweet peas for delicate beauty and fragrance.

One of the quickest and simplest DIY projects to tackle, the handy wooden planter box only takes an hour to construct and utilizes very simple tools. Even young kids will love to build and plant in it. When the planter is finished, paint or stain it to your liking and attach it to a wall or fence.

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