Important Spring Cleaning Tasks You’re Forgetting to Do

Spring isn’t all just sunshine and blooming flowers. It’s also the time of year to bust out the cleaning supplies and make your home spotless, top to bottom. According to the American Cleaning Institute, more than 75 percent of Americans participate in this annual spring cleaning ritual.

Why is it important to clean your home during the spring? Because the arrival of a new season brings with it a lot of changes, including those regarding the climate, that may affect your health or mood. By cleaning these items that we often ignore, our home turns into a good place for a healthy living.

However, despite such coast-to-coast prevalence of the clean sweep, there are plenty of tasks even the most diligent neatniks tend to overlook. So, before you break out the cleaning supplies, take note of these important spring cleaning tasks you may be forgetting to do—year after year.

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