Gray Decorating Ideas That Still Pack a Punch

Often dubbed the ‘new neutral’, versatile gray has been a favorite color in our decorating schemes for more than a decade.

But even though it’s no longer hot off the color press, it doesn’t have to look humdrum in the home. From making the most of striking accent hues to adding a feature wallpaper, these uplifting gray decorating ideas will keep this treasured tone bang up to date.

You could start to dress up the windows in the bedroom. Give a calming gray bedroom extra character with some patterned blinds.

Also, you could mirror the clouds in the living room. Draw inspiration from moody yet mellow English landscapes, and opt for gray fabrics printed with trees and cloud shapes. Layer up the room with cushions and curtains in these natural patterns, and finish with smaller furnishings like lamps and side tables. The resulting vibe will be serene yet uber contemporary. Read on for more!

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