Quick Style Fixes to Transform Every Room

If your balcony has seen better days there are lots of ways to give it a quick spruce up but here’s a great place to begin. Throw down one of these waterproof outdoor rugs and the space will instantly start to feel more polished and put together. No DIY required!

If your radiator leaves a lot to be desired there are some very cool covers available these days. You can still, of course, go for a classic country style cover with a fretwork panel but what about these bespoke beauties? In a mid-century modern home, they’ll fit right in. Find more designer radiators we love in out edited round-up.

Every home has its fair share of scuffs, stains and other imperfections that are too small to warrant redecorating but detract from the overall finish of a house.

Find out how to hide them, disguise them and transform them into stylish design features quickly and easily with our ingenious solutions.

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