Reasons to Quit Washing Dishes by Hand Right Now

Gone are the days of loud, inefficient dishwashers that leave your dishes only partially clean.

The new generation of dishwashers has been designed to be quiet, environmentally friendly, and so strategic in their cleaning ability you don’t even need a prerinse.

Hand washing won’t make dishes cleaner. Sure, you can try to turn your faucet’s knob all the way so the water that pours out is almost scalding hot. (Be sure to wear your rubber gloves!).

But these high temperatures still won’t be enough to get your dishes really clean. Water needs to reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively kill germs, and most hot water heaters aren’t set that high—and for good reason.

Such a high setting would cost you more money on your energy bill and would be dangerous in households with kids who might not yet be pros at regulating water temperatures.

As if those reasons aren’t enough, we’ve got some that should seal the deal. Add these to your argument for why you want—no, need—a dishwasher right this very minute.

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