Spring Cleaning Mistakes You Keep Making Every Year

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and suddenly you feel that familiar urge to get rid of old junk and clean everything in sight.

But chances are there are things you could be doing better, and maybe a few chores you’re doing flat-out wrong.

“People get motivated to spring clean their home, but take on a large project too soon,” says Stacey Agin Murray, a professional organizer with New Jersey-based Organized Artistry. Then they end up getting overwhelmed, and stop altogether.

Instead, she recommends breaking big projects up into smaller “micro tasks.” Examples could include “packing away winter items, taking inventory of gardening supplies, and sorting through last year’s beach toys,” she says. “Each micro task should not take more than an hour.”

We asked experts to let us in on the most common spring cleaning mistakes here are the things they say we keep doing wrong.

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