Lovely Living Rooms to Help You Find Your Style

It’s time for a living room transformation? Looking for ideas to makeover your living room? We’ve got the best interior design tips and decorating trends to help you choose your next style update.

You could start with a fresh and warm nude which is a neutral shade that’s having a fashion moment yet it will always remain timeless. If fully undressed is too bland for you, opt for a barely-there backdrop and lift with stronger furniture and accessories. You can also choose one statement piece in a pink skin tone for a pared-back focal point, such as a sumptuous sofa.

Whether you prefer traditional florals, country classics or contemporary patterns, check out these living room ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Stick with stately yellow

Wood paneling mounted on walls gives your living room a shortcut to the elegance of a stately home.

Makeover its dowdy reputation by painting it an uplifting and on-trend color like this sunny mustard shade.

We love the idea of topping mid-height paneling with a picture shelf that can hold all your favorite curiosities and ornaments in one place.

Choose chairs

If space is tight why not remove the sofa altogether and maximize space with stylish matching armchairs.

Arrange a sociable layout and choose lighter shades for an open and laid-back feel such as soft blues and grays.

Dress gray with greenery

Decorating living rooms with house plants was fashionable in the 1980s and the trend has returned in full force!

Paint walls a neutral tone, such as gray, to let the lush greenery pop out and choose structural plants that add visual interest such as spider plants, tropical palms and tall, rich fig leaves.

If you don’t have green fingers fake it with good quality faux versions.

Head back in time

Get a retro movie set feel with 1970s inspired colors, patterns and furnishings. Think clashing shades like this knock-out olive and teal combination.

Furniture should have distinctive smooth curves and the more pattern the better, especially on walls or floors, through framed prints, rugs and soft furnishings.

Spice up the walls

Create a warm and positive mood with easy-to-live-with terracotta on your living room walls.

This is Dulux’s Spiced Honey (last year’s color of the year), a rich amber tone is said to be inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself.

Amplify the sense of comfort by adding furniture in earthy tones of brown and black.

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