Space-Saving Decor Ideas to Borrow from Inspiring Tiny Homes

Any time you find yourself wishing your home was just 20 feet bigger, turn to the tiny houses of Instagram.

These spaces only have a few hundred square feet to work with, yet they’re full of inspiring design ideas.

Incorporate a few of these creative ideas into your own home to make your space not only look amazing, but also feel bigger.

From weekend projects, like installing a sliding barn door, to simple ways to maximize your walls, these clever ideas deliver big style in small spaces. Read on for more!

Install a Sliding Door

This adorable tiny home created by Handcrafted Movement is full of genius decor ideas, but the one that’s really caught our eye is the sliding barn door.

Not only does it add farmhouse-inspired charm to the space, but because it doesn’t swing out, it saves valuable living space and lets the homeowners arrange furniture closer to the door.

This tiny home is inspiring us to add barn doors to every room in our homes.

Don’t Forget the Corners

In a tiny home, even the corners of the room are an opportunity to add a little more storage and decorative details.

In this debut house by Habeo Tiny Homes, corner shelves hold books, candles, and knick-knacks.

If you love collecting decorative accents but don’t want them cluttering up your coffee table and tv console, adding corner shelves is the perfect solution.

You’ll gain extra space to display your collections, while taking advantage of an underutilized area.

Bring on the Bench Seating

Browse through the tiny homes of Instagram and you’ll start to notice some common features—including cozy bench seating, as shown in this home from Aussie Tiny Houses on Tiny Living.

Benches use space more efficiently than individual armchairs, and they get bonus points when they have hidden storage underneath.

Consider adding a storage bench (and don’t forget the comfy throw blankets and pillows) to your entryway, living room, or even kitchen.

Let the Walls Do the Talking

When space is tight, it can be difficult to fit in decor that expresses your personality. To keep the room clutter-free, use the wall space to express yourself.

In the tiny home above by New Frontier Tiny Homes, featured on Tiny House Movement, the walls hold quirky art and eye-catching hanging planters.

To infuse your home with style—without sacrificing floor or shelf space—adorn the walls with art you love, houseplants, and meaningful messages.

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