20 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

DIY Repairs

Always think twice before getting into the do-it-yourself home improvement game. Gordon said he’s seen several examples of DIY jobs that have decreased a home’s value.

“I’ve seen plenty of houses where you can tell the owner did the work,” he said. “The owner probably feels she made all the right improvements, but buyers quickly see the shoddy workmanship and unusual finished product.”

“Overcoming these mistakes is simple: Don’t try to do the work yourself,” Gordon added. “Hire a pro, then ask to be a part of the process and learn from the professional as they do the job.”

The bottom line is that any over-personalization of your home can lead to a decrease in value. Yes, you want to live in a space you love, but think twice before investing in any major or costly renovations.

And always make sure your home improvements are completed with the proper permits by licensed professionals.

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