20 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Too Much Carpeting

Most homebuyers, 54 percent, are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors. Compared to hardwood and laminate floors, carpet can quickly show signs of damage.

Plus, colors and textures are highly based on personal preference, and any overly personal touches can decrease a home’s value.


Bright and Bold Paint Colors

Bright and bold paint colors can turn off any potential buyer who might lack a bit of vision. Fortunately, repainting a room before putting your home on the market is an easy fix, albeit an important one.

Choose neutral colors to present buyers with a blank canvas, which can help them envision the home in their own style, HGTV recommended.


An Extremely High-End Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, and it’s a project many homeowners save up for. However, the resale value of a major, high-end kitchen remodel is actually less than what you’ll invest in it.

In 2015, the national average for a major kitchen remodel cost as much as $56,768/£46,700, but the resale value was only $38,485/£31,550, according to Remodeling.hw.net.

To avoid spending too much on a project that won’t give you a return on investment, try to focus on which aspects of the kitchen are most outdated or worn. And as tempting as it might be, consider selecting mid-range appliances rather than the expensive high-end options.

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