Tiny Houses That Will Convince You to Downsize

Living large is officially a thing of the past. Settling in a tiny house is more than just a trend-it’s a lifestyle choice that people all over the country are happily taking up.

Although many structures can measure less than 300 feet, with ideas this stylish and innovative, small-sized homes are anything but a sacrifice.

Greenhouse Meets Tree House

This upstate New York picturesque perch, owned by Treehouse Masters’ Christina Salway, is constructed from roughly 75 salvaged windows.

Fortuitous Window Sourcing

“I joke that the structure is a family quilt of salvaged windows, because they came from important people in our lives,” Christina says. “We got windows from my husband’s, aunt, my mom, an old landlord…”

Quaint Little Cabin

A hand-built hideaway-short on space, tall on charm-looks right at home among the Douglas firs of Port Orchard, Washington.

Channel a Little Practical Magic

When square footage is tight, it helps if statement pieces are both charming and useful. An old wood-burning stove brings a vintage vibe to new construction and also heats the entire place.

Tip the Scales

Compact appliances and smaller-scale custom cabinetry-featuring salvaged leaded fronts and old sewing drawers-are just the right size for this tiny kitchen.

Embrace Off-The-Wall Ideas

Built-ins are always a welcome storage solution when space is at a premium. The homeowner implemented green drawers (a garage sale find) for the “dresser” thatís built into the wall.

Gorgeous Backyard Getaway

Dallas designer Paige Morse renovated two 100-year-old sheds in her backyard to create a cozy home away from home. With just two rooms and 250 square feet, her space is remarkably stylish and space-efficient.

Stylish Sheds

It took Paige four months to renovate the two sheds into one stunning guest house.

Nothing but Neutrals

By sticking to a black-and-white color scheme, Paige makes her modestly-sized kitchen appear much larger than it really is.

Hidden Storage Spaces

Paige simply attached a piece of striped fabric to her bathroom sink-instead of installing a bulky set of drawers-to cover up her necessities. The double mirrors also create the illusion of more space.

Dreamy Treehouse

This treehouse-slash-guest room looks small from the outside, but boasts a living room, office area, and bedroom within.

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