20 Surprising Tips on Tidying Up Your House

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Categorize your cleaning

“If you have too many things and think it might be too overwhelming, then each time that you are going to do this, start with a certain category,” Kondo told ELLE Decor in 2019. “One day you can only look at tops or trousers, for instance, and that can make it less overwhelming.”


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Make your bed

One of the most basic tidy-up tips Kondo (and other organizational experts) has for clients is to make your bed every morning. Researchers believe the small act can even help change your outlook on life.


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Organize your entryway

The front foyer of a home is a space that holds a lot of little objects—keys, mail, hats, mitts. To ensure the area remains organized and tidy, Kondo and Martha Stewart suggest people have a set container/place for everything.

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